101 outdoors arts creation space



101 outdoors arts creation space
101 outdoors arts workshop


THURSDAY 2 NOVEMBER 2017 | Free (pre-booking required)

For the fourth year running, we look forward to welcoming artists and other creative individuals to our Outdoor Arts Creation Space.

As we open a new chapter in the development of 101 -  creating new rehearsal and production spaces, new relationships and a new developmental programme of artist support - courtesy of the Arts Council’s Ambition for Excellence programme, we rely as ever on our annual D&D to feel the pulse of all of you in the outdoor arts sector. For the fourth year running we look forward to welcoming artists and other creative individuals - emerging, established and those in the infinite in-between - to work together on what matters most to you, your practice and the world you are working in. 

Last year when we had just emerged from Brexit we were shocked by the political and cultural chasm into which we seemed to be falling. Yet many of us would have been hard placed to predict the year which has just unfolded. How has the changing landscape affected the way we think and feel about the work we make? What are the tools that artists and producers need to respond and how do we develop them? What else do you feel is important to how we make the work we want to make?

This is a gathering very different to the top down, front-facing conference or symposium. A gathering where you decide what you want discuss and work on. Whether you feel yourself at the core of outdoor arts practice or come from site-specific theatre, installation arts, carnival arts, this is the perfect forum to get new ideas, share issues, and work on what matters the most to you.

Presented by 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space in association with Improbable

Duration: 11am - 5pm

Directions: 101, Communication Way, Greenham Business Park, Newbury, RG19 6HN or find us on Google Maps here. Closest train station is Newbury, 101 is then an 8 mile taxi journey from the train station.

Lunch provided (donations welcome) if you have any dietary or access requirements please email them to hello@101outdoorarts.com.



101 outdoors arts creation space
101 outdoors arts workshop

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